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Property Development Finance

Discuss your development with us, and we would be delighted to explore your funding options and the structuring that is most suitable.

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Property Development Finance

Property development finance is central to our business and we can support you in finding the best property development finance deal for the acquisition and development of residential and commercial property projects across the UK.  

If you're looking for property development finance, we access and compare over 200 lenders and funders. We will discuss your needs and guide you through the process. Our consultations are free, and we are only paid if you raise the funding you want.

Some of our lenders (with additional security) will lend up to 100% of both the site purchase costs and the property development finance required.  We can also work with you to refinance onto a lower rate loan once the project is completed if necessary.


We can support the following project types:

  • Residential new build and refurbishment across all property types

  • Office or retail to residential conversion

  • Bridging finance for auction or short turn around purchases

  • Commercial, industrial, office and mixed-use developments

  • And many others - please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We have arranged and/or invested in residential property developments in the UK with a combined value in excess of £1BN. We specialise in finding finance for residential development sites with a GDV from £5M to £100M.


Please see our Development Finance Calculator or Property Development FAQs for more details.

Joint Venture Finance

100% development finance or joint venture (JV) development finance is a method of developing property without using your own money.  


The funder provides all of the money needed to complete the project with an agreed profit share at the end.  The developer is responsible for delivering the project to the agreed plan - generally with no personal guarantees. 

100% development finance is usually only available to experienced property developers.  

We work closely with a small number of groups who we know deliver and don't change the deal part way through.  We will work with you to structure the right deal. 

Portfolio Funding

We work with property investors to optimise their financing strategy when acquiring or refinancing investment properties.


We specialise in financing highly complex structures with multiple elements. Professional investors and private landlords with more than one buy to let property often require specialist funding to enable them to expand their property portfolio and ensure it is delivering the best returns possible.  Using portfolio finance can help to reduce costs as well as spread the risk across a range of properties, maximising returns.


We can assist with all types of residential investment finance including:

  • Complex buy-to-lets – covering multi-units

  • Non standard properties - including student accommodation, HMOs, serviced accommodation and holiday lets

  • Mixed use – commercial and residential blocks

Please get in touch via our contact form or by telephone if you have any questions. We are happy to discuss your latest development and its financing needs, as well as providing you with the relevant information and recommendations. 

01202 800 100

We can also help you sell your residential properties off-plan to investment funds looking for rental properties- known as PRS or BTR. Click below to read more.

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