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Exit Finance & PRS

Providing certainty over the profitability of your developments

Off plan sales

Off-plan sales

We work with private individuals as well as investment funds, looking to acquire properties off-plan - often as a buy to let investment.

We work with two specialist distribution networks that have thousands of private investors, located globally, that are looking to acquire UK new-build properties off-plan. 

Investment funds buying off-plan are referred to as Private Rental Sector (PRS) funds, further details are set out below.

Please contact us today if you would like to explore selling some or all of your next scheme off-plan. This can be done discreetly, to ensure the off-plan sales and marketing process doesn't impact your open market sales activities as your site nears completion. 

PRS Acquisition


We work with investment funds looking to acquire 10-200+ units - flats or houses - as part of a scheme, or entire schemes.

PRS Investors will forward-purchase or forward-fund, or and can provide deposits up-front, giving you certainty over the profitability of your development projects, and reduce your funding costs during development.

We liaise and co-ordinate opportunities; ensuring transactions are completed efficiently and discreetly. Depending on the structure of each deal you may receive a deposit up-front, funding through the construction phase and/or at PC. We can also arrange your development finance at the same time.

Once you decide to proceed, we share information confidentially with a targeted set of funds. Your projects remain private and will not be placed into the public domain. They will bid on the site and/or provide a sales guarantee - depending on your preference.

Contact us today to discuss your sites suitability for a PRS Acquisition. Free initial appraisal and no obligation. (Minimum of 20 units and GDV of £5M, no maximum)

Sales Guarantee

Sales Guarantee

A Property Sales Guarantee will underwrite the value of your developments: 

  • We will contract to purchase any remaining units for a pre-agreed discount in the range of 15%-20% to Open Market Value;

  • You will pay a Sales Guarantee fee on homes that you sell on the open market, ranging from 2% - 5%.

In return you lock-in a minimum level of profitability which can assist you to raise development finance and give you peace of mind. 

You may also be able to receive a deposit of up to 10% of the sales value prior to commencement of construction - this will depend on your lender & the site. This can further improve your return on equity.

Contact us today to discuss your sites suitability for Sales Guarantee. Free initial appraisal and no obligation. (Minimum of 10 units and GDV of £2.5M, no maximum)

Benefits of Exit Finance for Developers


De-risk and improve your funding structure.


Access investors with £10bn+ of collective AUM.


Your projects and details remain private.


Get certainty over sales values.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch via our contact form or by telephone if you have any questions. We are happy to discuss your financing needs as well as providing you with the relevant information and recommendations. 

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